Dream #1,363

Dreamt of a huge rectangular pool. The pool had monolithic concrete sides that fell sharply to a dark brown, oily fluid, much like crude oil. I watched as the man in the pool leapt up to grab the concrete lip, which was just barely in reach, then release his grip to fall back into the oil. He did this over and over again, falling in a different manner each time. I knew it was a performance art piece, but I still worried about him.

Dream #1,362

Dreamt of trying to set my butt up on the swing seat, but struggling with having the upper body strength to left myself high enough. The helicopter the swing was attached to started to move forward, so I had get myself situated and settled for a precarious seat, hoping I could adjust it later without falling.

As the helicopter carried me along, I passed over a woman in the field below, who looked up and waved. “How are you doing up there?”

“My brother is trying to kill me,” I answered.

The helicopter banked a sharp turn to the left and me and the swing swung out and around, directly into a volleyball net. I worried that we wouldn’t break free and/or I’d get caught in the net and injured.

Dream #1,361

Dreamt a new threat was pushing itself into the DC universe and I was asked to organize the resistance due to my extensive background from reading the comic books. The new threat was a Lovecraftian-type horror of formless mass and tentacles called Razor. It seeped through the barrier between the worlds in multiple locations, requiring multiple teams to fight it simultaneously. I was able to recruit Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and several others, including major villains like Doomsday and Darkseid. Even then, we weren’t able to stop Razor from coalescing in our reality.

Dream #1,360

Dreamt of racing a couple of people, including Rachel N., down the halls of the Sigma Chi house in Fargo, ND. We ran from the west end of the second floor of South Side, through the East Side, down the North Side staircase to the front doors.

I could’ve gone faster if I’d ran with my feet on the ground, but instead I chose to float and pantomime running. No one seemed to notice what I was doing, so I told everyone to watch as I dropped down the stairs. “See how my feet don’t touch the floor?”

Dream #1,359

Dreamt I was hanging out one Sunday afternoon with Ginny W.-P., Rachel N., and Yuko-hime. Yuko-hime was busy make my snacks while I tried to show Ginny and Rachel what I’d been building in Minecraft, upon their request. I was a little surprised they were curious. I had trouble starting the game and it took me some time figure out I had Cube World running in the background.

At that point Yuko-hime came out with a tray full of food. “I expected more people to show up, ” she said.

“It is Super Bowl Sunday,” responded Ginny.

“Really? I didn’t know that!” I was surprised by the information. I had no clue.

Dream #1,358

Dreamt of lifting weights with another man. As we set up the bench press station together our discussion turned to Christianity and what it really means to be “Christian”.

“No one can tell me what I believe in my heart,” said the other man.

“True,” I agreed, “You may call yourself a ‘Christian’ based on any criteria you choose. But if you cheat widows and orphans out of food and medicine, I would hesitate at calling you a follower of Christ. He was very clear on those issues. No ambiguity.”

Dream #1,357

Dreamt that Rum Bar had become such a wildly popular event that I’d expanded the structure to neighborhood my properties. I received a phone call from a man expressing interest in attending, but was concerned about how and his three dated would be treated. “I don’t want to attend if I’m going to be judged.”

“Rum Bar is an inclusive environment,” I told him. “You won’t be judged by us. I cannot vouch for the other guests, though. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their beliefs. But we don’t tolerate disrespect or rudeness. That’s one of the few things that can get you barred from Rum Bar.”