Dream #1,396

Dreamt of a woman in her early 20s living alone. It was late afternoon, the sun was low and golden, and the shadows were getting long. As she walked toward the refrigerator, she noted some movement in the shadow next to it. As she watched, the shadow got deeper and deeper until was so black she thought it must actually be nothing. Except for the figure of a man slowly moving towards her, out of the shadow. She screamed and ran. But wherever she went, the shadows deepened to the pure black of nothing, and the man reached out towards her. Finally, the woman called her mother.

When her mother arrived, the woman was almost insane with terror. Her mother, however, was calm. “You’ve seen the Darkness, haven’t you?” her mother asked. “Here, take these.” The mother hands the woman a bottle of pills. “These are what I use to keep the darkness at bay.”

Jump ahead to when the woman is a mother herself, of three children in their early 20s. She had been taking the pills for decades and her children knew her to be a little loopy. Until her oldest daughter saw the Darkness for the first time. “Mother!?” she called out, “Is that what you’ve been seeing this whole time?!”

“Yes, my pills keep me from seeing it. But they get weaker over time…” Having said that, the woman takes a whole bottle of pills and slips fully into insanity, babbling about the Darkness and the man inside it.

The daughter is terrified, but determined. She can see that her mother’s bills eventually fried her brain, and she didn’t want to live in fear her entire life. She takes my hand and asks me to walk with her.

We walk along the crest of Pill Hill, the forest on our right. The sun is up and bright, but the forest is filled with shadows. Shadows that get darker and darker. The Darkness is there. But I cannot see it. The sunlight is too bright and I walk with my eyes closed as the daughter leads me through the edge of the Darkness.

We finally arrive at her house. The daughter is ecstatic. “We made it! We came out the other side! We are free!” She opens her front door to see nothing but blackness. A blackness so deep that it is nothing. The man reaches out his hand and the daughter knows she has to go with him. She steps through the doorway, into the Darkness, and turns to look at me one last time. Her face is smooth and expressionless, but her eyes are filled with horror.

I wake up.


Dream #1,389

Dreamt of standing between the front seats of a car in motion. The aisle between was wide like a bus, but it was clearly a car with only room for four: two in front, two in the back. As I turned to look out the front, my body suddenly became weak. I tried to move to my seat, but my legs gave out, then my arms, then I was paralyzed and fell backwards, weakly asking for help. The two people in the back and the woman driving totally ignored me.

I woke up in a sweat.

Dream #1,372

Dreamt that I was struck with a strong feeling of vertigo as I walked off the dance floor. I tried to use the door frame to steady myself but ended up falling over backwards, cracking my head against the floor. And I was paralyzed. I was stuck in a semi-fetal position with my arms out in front of me. I was in the changing room by myself and I could not move. I tried to call out, “Help,” but I couldn’t get the word out. I tried several times as the panic grew, but the best I could get was a mumbled slur. So I switched to, “Hospital,” but again, I mumbled and slurred. Finally, I tried to force out Yuko-hime’s name, “Yuko…”

I woke up crying Yuko-hime’s name.

Dream #1,317

Dreamt of watching as a large, semi-solid, blob-like creature worked its way around the nuclear power core towards me. It was dark gray and shiny and pulsed with malicious life. I knew I was in grave danger, but I couldn’t move. It extruded some squid like tentacles and reached towards me…

I woke up with a start. Yuko-hime coming to bed pulled me out of the nightmare.

Dream #1,252

Dreamt of a thing that was a mass of rubbery tentacles simulating a humanoid form. A blonde woman had displeased it and we were worried it was going to bite her face off, but it bit her whole head off, swallowed it, and spit her head out through its chest. Then it walked towards me. Multiple tentacles reached forward, each with a sharp-toothed mouth at its tip. All the mouths spoke in unison: “Unity, unity, unity.”

Dream #1,238

Dreamt of swimming naked across a lake at night. The water was warm and murky, and I could make out shapes twisting below the surface. They were birds with very long necks eating fish. I flipped over on my back and floated for a moment, watching the moon pass through the clouds. When I tried swimming again, I found that my arms and legs wouldn’t move.

I woke up in a panic.

Dream #1,234

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I were working in the back yard. She was demoing the playhouse and passing the wood to me, and I was burning it in a bonfire. The fire started getting a bit big, so I started a second one on the back stoop. I was a little concerned about the fire spreading to the house, but figured it would be fine. When I turned to go back, I noticed that Yuko-hime had lit the remnants of the playhouse on fire as well. I worried about the bunnies that used to live under there. If there were babies, they may not have gotten out.

Then I noticed that Yuko-hime had also knocked down the Rum Bar and lit that on fire. But that didn’t upset me. It wasn’t until I noticed the total emptiness where the Rum Bar used to be that I started screaming.

I woke up screaming.