Dream #1,382

Dreamt that I was having an anxiety meltdown. Yuko-hime totally ignored me, grabbed her purse, and walked out the door. I followed her, calling her name and asking for help. But she kept walking.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone come out of our guest house. We didn’t have any guests there, so went over to see who it was. “Why were you in our house?” I asked. She ignored me and kept walking. I followed her and repeatedly asked, “Why were you in our house?” as she continued to ignore me and walk down the street. I got more and more upset until I was yelling the question, “WHY WERE YOU IN OUR HOUSE!?!?”

We arrived at the woman’s car when she finally turned to face me. “I’m sorry for bothering you, sir, I know you have far more important things to deal with than me.”

Something about the way she said it caught me. “Who do you think I am?”

“You’re Donald J. Trump.”

Her answer was so ridiculous that I laughed at her and walked back home, where I waited all alone for Yuko-hime to return. My anxiety built to the meltdown point again and I burst into tears as she stepped through the door. “Please help me!” I cried.

I woke up crying.


Dream #1,367

Dreamt of crawling into my bed in in the Nara Hotel in Nara, Japan. I was deeply upset and anxious and wanted to hide. I curled into a tight little ball with my forehead against the wall and started to cry. After a moment, the feelings became overwhelming and I began beating my head against the wall.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,210

Dreamt of trying to help someone move, but I was having trouble fitting the dresser through the front door. I gave it a couple of quick shoves, thinking the momentum would help, but all it did was make some loud banging noises. “Don’t get so frustrated!” Yuko-hime yelled at me.

“I’m not frustrated, it just doesn’t fit, so I–”

Yuko-hime cut me off. “You are too getting frustrated! If you can’t do it, get out of the way and let me try!” She gave the dresser a couple quick shoves, recreating the banging, and she became furious and started yelling at me.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,188

Dreamt of showing up late for class after having failed to do my homework. We were supposed to answer three questions about the reading: 1) “What was the author’s name?” 2) “How old was she when she started writing?” and 3) “What was the reading about?” Our answers were to be turned in on a Post-It note. I overheard two other students mention the author’s name, “Fuldonando,” and seemed to recall that she’d started writing when she was thirty-two years old. And thinking that partial credit was better than no credit, I looked around for a pen and a Post-It note.

I arrived at our table to find it was covered with Post-It notes, but they already had writing on them. I asked Yuko-hime if I could borrow one from her. She hold it out but yanked it back when I reached for it. As my anxiety started to build, she began mocking my ticks and hand gestures, making fun of me.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,130

Dreamt a goddess had accumulated enough power that she was on the verge of taking control of the entire universe and being able to recreate it in her image. She’d already killed all living beings except for a handful of humans, including myself. All she needed to do to achieve her goal was to complete a manipulate a three number sets. As long as those sets were incomplete, there would always be a chance that someone could defeat her. I had a chance to rearrange the sets. If I succeeded, I’d have a chance to defeat her. If I failed, she would keep me alive in eternal torment as punishment. I managed to get the first two sets to 100%, but I ran out of numbers for the third at 97%. I focused my mind and tried to will the last number to change.

I woke up.

Dream #1,025

Dreamt that Yuko-hime accidentally left me behind in small town. I tried to call her, but my iPhone had just updated to a new, very quirky operating system. I couldn’t text and I could phone. But I knew that eventually she’d realize I wasn’t behind her and come back to find me. When she did, I got in the car to find out that she was pissed. She cocked her arm back and I said, “Don’t you dare punch me!” She did. “FINE!” I yelled and got of the car. As she drove off, I collapsed into the the grass yelling, “NO! NO!” NO!”

I woke up crying and yelling out “NO!”

Dream #780

Dreamt that I was trying to eat dinner while a group people were examining everything in my room. They found my favorite figurine sitting on my desk and began making fun of me for it. I tried to play along but my heart was breaking. Finally, I was so upset that I yelled at everyone to get out. When they finally left I curled up on the carpet in a little ball and cried.

I woke up crying.