Dream #1,367

Dreamt of crawling into my bed in in the Nara Hotel in Nara, Japan. I was deeply upset and anxious and wanted to hide. I curled into a tight little ball with my forehead against the wall and started to cry. After a moment, the feelings became overwhelming and I began beating my head against the wall.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,317

Dreamt of watching as a large, semi-solid, blob-like creature worked its way around the nuclear power core towards me. It was dark gray and shiny and pulsed with malicious life. I knew I was in grave danger, but I couldn’t move. It extruded some squid like tentacles and reached towards me…

I woke up with a start. Yuko-hime coming to bed pulled me out of the nightmare.

Dream #1,289

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and were living in another person’s house. We’d somehow managed to squeeze everything we owned into one bedroom. We had a small bed, but otherwise no furniture and were living out of boxes. At one point I realized we hadn’t seen our new kitten for a while, so I looked around for her. I figured she must be in the room somewhere as we kept the door closed to keep her from annoying our housemates. I found her tucked into a corner of the window sill, behind the curtain. She was cold, stiff, and lifeless.

I was so upset that I went for a walk in the woods behind the house. This was the second kitten that had died in my care and I was taking out my frustration by swinging sticks against the trunks of trees.

A boy about 10-years of age came running to find me. “Jeremy!” he said, “You’re going to be late for your meeting!”

I ran after him. I’d forgotten about the meeting and I berated myself in my head. “I must not be a very responsible person. I killed two kittens and forgot about my meeting…”

Dream #1,252

Dreamt of a thing that was a mass of rubbery tentacles simulating a humanoid form. A blonde woman had displeased it and we were worried it was going to bite her face off, but it bit her whole head off, swallowed it, and spit her head out through its chest. Then it walked towards me. Multiple tentacles reached forward, each with a sharp-toothed mouth at its tip. All the mouths spoke in unison: “Unity, unity, unity.”

Dream #1,249

Dreamt of walking outside, looking up at the clouds. I noticed a small, almost perfectly circular hole, open to blue skies beyond. The hole got closer as the world around me stretched and faded away. As I approached the hole in the clouds, I saw a crowd of people waiting for me. I recognized most of them and knew that they were all dead. That’s when I realized I was dying.

“Is it my time?” I asked no one in particular.

“It can be. All you have to do is let go.”

I felt a pressure in my belly and knew that’s what I was holding on to. If I just released it, I could die and move into the next world.

“Will the people currently in my life be waiting for me when I arrive?”


“Then I guess I’m not ready to die yet.”

But the pressure in my belly was building and becoming quite painful. I struggled to hold on to it and screamed myself awake.

I ran to the bathroom and struggled to urinate. There was a part of me resisting my efforts. That’s when I noticed that the room I had been sleeping in was my bedroom from the Red House, and I was standing in the bathroom from the Red House. I was still dying. If I urinated, I’d’ve symbolically let go of what was keeping me alive.

With an act of will I forced myself to wake up.

Dream #1,238

Dreamt of swimming naked across a lake at night. The water was warm and murky, and I could make out shapes twisting below the surface. They were birds with very long necks eating fish. I flipped over on my back and floated for a moment, watching the moon pass through the clouds. When I tried swimming again, I found that my arms and legs wouldn’t move.

I woke up in a panic.

Dream #1,235

Dreamt of getting ready to take a shower in the bathroom in the Red House. I took off both shirts, then my socks, then my shirt, then my pants, then my next two shirts…And I kept taking off more and more shirts until there was a huge pile of clothing next to the toilet. The pile was as tall as I was and I was still taking off more shirts. The more shirts I took off, the more trapped I felt.

I woke up screaming.