Dreams #1,444

Dreamt of coming across a teen-aged girl showing something to a group of smaller children. It was a small bird’s nest tucked into the rocks next to the sidewalk. The mother bird was there, screaming her head off, trying to scare the people way.

“Just leave the birds alone,” I told the girl.

She snarled at me and kicked at one of the baby birds, which had stepped out of the nest to make little peeping noises at her. I was shocked. How could anyone be so cruel? I had no idea how to respond. Anything I did would likely lead to more pain for the birds.


Dream #1,402

Dreamt Yuko-hime and I were invited to visit a friend’s family’s home. Turned out they lived in the “bicycle house” up on the hill, famous both because it was easy to see from the surrounding town, but also because the entire house balanced precariously on a couple thin supports which looked like bicycles from a certain angle.

The family was poor and the house run down. Large portions of the roof and ceiling were missing. Clear plastic tarps had been hung over the holes, but they didn’t do very much to keep the autumn rains out. They fed us a homemade meal made from what little they had. They were proud and wanted to be self-supporting, but I knew they — and especially their children — would suffer greatly when winter came. I offered to build them temporary roofs to cover the holes.

Dream #1,238

Dreamt of swimming naked across a lake at night. The water was warm and murky, and I could make out shapes twisting below the surface. They were birds with very long necks eating fish. I flipped over on my back and floated for a moment, watching the moon pass through the clouds. When I tried swimming again, I found that my arms and legs wouldn’t move.

I woke up in a panic.

Dream #1,235

Dreamt of getting ready to take a shower in the bathroom in the Red House. I took off both shirts, then my socks, then my shirt, then my pants, then my next two shirts…And I kept taking off more and more shirts until there was a huge pile of clothing next to the toilet. The pile was as tall as I was and I was still taking off more shirts. The more shirts I took off, the more trapped I felt.

I woke up screaming.

Dream #1,230

Dreamt of waiting in line while Christmas shopping. The line was moving very slowly, so I pulled out my phone to quickly text Yuko-hime. I didn’t have it out more than a couple of seconds when the line started moving again. The man behind me got very angry. “What the Hell are you doing!? Especially since you’ve been bitching about teenagers wasting other people’s time!”

I was confused as I didn’t remember saying any such thing. So I tried to explain, “My wife is in Japan and I haven’t seen her three weeks…”

“I don’t give a f–k! You need to keep this line moving!”

I put my phone away and the man stormed off.

I grabbed something out of the air. It was the end of a tape measure and as I released it, it snapped back into the hand of the teenager who’d been trying to poke me in the eye with it. The teenager looked ashamed at being caught as the man came storming back. “You!” he yelled at his son, “Get back in line! And you…” he directed his attention back at me, “…don’t you dare touch my son!” And he swung at me.

I ducked his punch and jammed my thumb into his thigh, breaking the skin just under the quadriceps. Yanking out, I tore the skin of his leg from knee to groin and his muscle tissue buldged out. He screamed in pain and threw a flurry of blows at me. I blocked them all and threw him against the wall. The item hangers tore into his back and he lost a lot of skin as I yanked him free. He came at me one more time and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I woke up screaming.

Dream #1,225

Dreamt that I was lying in bed, in the fetal position, totally paralyzed except for my eyes. I spent my time watching a spider above the clock, and I was so cold. A woman came in periodically to take care of my basic needs. I forced my lips to move, but they were very reluctant. I managed to breathe out, “Cold…cold…”

The woman stood over me, holding a second blanket. She talked about how chilly I must be, but didn’t hear what I said.

“Two…two…” I managed to say, barely audible.

She started folding up the blanket. Tears leaked out of my eyes. Why couldn’t she hear me? Or at least see my lips move? “Help…help…me…”

I woke up crying.