Dream #1,443

Dreamt of lying in a bathtub. The water was warm but wasn’t quite enough to cover my body. It was still very comfortable and I ended up falling asleep. When I awoke, I was chilled. All the water had evaporated, leaving my lying on a damp sheet.


Dream #1,442

Dreamt of standing in the corner in a packed house party. It was so crowded I could barely move. The man right in front of me got in an argument with the man in front of him. Someone was upset that someone got pushed or something and a fight was about to break out with my caught right next to it. I try to push passed, but doing so aggravated the one man so much that he forgot his previous target and started shoving me. I shoved him back and we started throwing punches. But it was so crowded neither of us could get a good swing in.

Dream #1,441

Dreamt I was sitting at the side of along table with two friends. A third friend approached with their dog, who had white, loosely curled fur. The dog ran at me at full speed, tail wagging, and jumped under the table and into my lap. It wiggled and tried licking my face as I petted it. Not wanting to disrupt what was happening at the table, I moved to the bench on the other side, and I realized I was on a train. The third friend’s son ran up to me, as excited as the dog. But when he got close, he stopped, waved, then jump up on the bench on the other side of the train. He stood there and watched the scenery pass by.

Dream #1,440

Dreamt of visiting Yuko-hime at her apartment. Her mint green cat regarded me with suspicion as I approached her cat bed. It was a white laundry basket lined with a blue blanket and packed with pillows and furs. I wasn’t sure I could get in, but managed to by curling up into a fetal position. The cat slowly approached, not sure what to make of the human in her bed. I patted the blanket next to me and the cat jumped in and curled up in the crook of my arm. I wanted to think the cat did so out of affection, but I suspected it wanted my warmth.

Dream #1,439

Dreamt of trying to coordinate a trip with a friend. He and I were flying out to a different city. His wife was flying off to another city. He was supposed to meet his wife at her location. We were trying to figure out if it made more sense for him to fly back with him to our original location with me, or to fly from where we were straight to his wife. If he flew straight to his wife, how would I get home? I told him, “Just go to your wife. I’ll find my own way home.”

Dream #1,437

Dreamt of playing a video game of space exploration. One of the core mechanics was learning to build new technology from simpler parts, eventually learning to build entire starships. Your starting planet was randomly determined, and none of the thousands of races were human. I was at the point where I’d learned to construct a small starship called an “Interloper”, which was optimized for freight hauling.

Dream #1,436

Dreamt of watching Nick M.’s home while he was away. I moved the lawn in nice, neat rows. Then I used his roller brush to flatten out the snow where it hadn’t melted in the shade of the garage. As I did so, I kept finding random pieces of glassware with the brush. First a tempered glass coffee mug, then a low ball, then a juice glass, etc., until I had a large assortment sitting on the back stoop. I decided I’d wash them for him, even though it wasn’t on of tasks he’d asked me to do.

As I entered the house from the back yard, Nick came in the front door with a couple of friends. “Hey, Jeremy, thanks for your help! I needed a place for my friends to park, so I moved your car.”

“No problem!” I said. I found my car in Nick’s garage. He’d placed it on a blue lift that used hydraulics to lift it up towards the ceiling. I lowered the lift to realize there wasn’t enough room to drive my car out. He’s friends’ cars were blocking the door. So lifted my small, red Festiva over the other cars and set it down in the street.