Dream #1,388

Dreamt I was in Japan with Rick F. We were exploring an older portion of Tokyo when we came across a record store that had some of the older vinyl albums by a band called God Of Eye. I wasn’t much into the vinyl, but I was very excited by the two bottles of God Of Eye rum — distilled by the band itself — that Rick found in one of the back bins.


Dream #1,387

Dreamt of an interesting art installation in a hotel lobby. Each piece was a silver horizontal rod hung at the center by a strong cable. They were free to turn as they wished, like a mobile. From each rod hung a series of concentric, bright red cable loops. The largest was attached to both ends of the rod, the next a couple inches in, the next a couple inches in from that, and so on. These pieces were hung at various heights above the floor, the lowest within easy reach.

One evening I got bored and instead of taking the stairs or the elevator, I decided to climb the mobiles to my room at the balcony several floors above. Wyatt G. thought that my decision was kind of neat, but was really unimpressed.

Dream #1,386

Dreamt of visiting the city where Wyatt G., and David M. were going to grad school. I was only going to be in town for a week so rented a hotel room. Turns out Sami J. was staying in the same hotel until her apartment freed up at the end of the month. When I asked her why she didn’t save some money by staying with Wyatt and David, she said, “The three of us living together would be awkward.”

Dream #1,385

Dreamt of talking to my mother about my brother. “He doesn’t mean to be cruel,” she said, “He just doesn’t understand emotions. He acts the way he does because he finds the response interesting. It’s like an experiment.”

Dream #1,384

Dreamt of taking refuge in the upper level of a barn after the zombie apocalypse. I lived there by myself in the hay bales. The zombies were too slow and uncoordinated to be much of a threat unless large numbers gathered. The loft still had power, so I had to turn off the lights and stay quiet when zombies were nearby, so as not to attract too much attention. If I did that, any that sensed me would eventually get bored and wander off again.

Dream #1,383

Dreamt of taking the bus to camp. Other than the driver, I was the only person on the bus as everyone else had gotten off at earlier stops. My camp was the last stop and I grabbed my green backpack as I stepped off, only to notice that it wasn’t mine. I waved at the driver through the closed door. He opened it back up to see what was going on.

“This isn’t my backpack,” I told him.

“Well, we do have two more bags here,” he said, pointing with his thumb behind his seat.

“Those aren’t mine either. Mine was green like this one.”

“Are you sure it’s not yours?”

“This one is filled with dresses and girls underwear. There’s nothing for me to wear. There are no books for me to read. It doesn’t even have a sleeping bag for me.” I explained.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to make do,” he said, “Your ticket back isn’t until next week.”

Dream #1,381

Dreamt Yuko-hime and I adopted a five-eyed cat. It had short, soft, grey fur and a third eye up and to the outside of its left eye. It also had an eye inside each ear. All five eyes were functional. It had a soft, round body and a short neck. When it tucked its chin, it looked like it had no head. It was strange, but it was sweet, always purring and trying to make us laugh.