Everyone dreams, but not all people remember.  I’m one of the lucky ones.  These are not dreams in full; they are simple kernels.  Seeds.  I hope you enjoy the images.  May they inspire you to remember dreams of your own.


As a child I spent, maybe, far too much time alone and in books, mostly science fiction and fantasy.  As a teen and early adult I spent, maybe, far too much time in books and introspection.  My interest in dreams started when I was very young, continued through periods of heavy analysis and attempts at lucid dreaming, and remains with me to this day.  I no longer try to analyze each and every dream.  For the most part, now, I just enjoy them.

Other than dreaming, I spend time with my lovely wife, at my day job as an architectural designer, in the studio either teaching martial arts or learning ballroom dancing, and in front of the computer developing my writing skills.


Understanding the nature of the Internet, I expect that, eventually, some of my dreams will be copied, pasted, shared, or otherwise spread to other venues.  I don’t mind.  If I did mind, I wouldn’t be sharing them in a blog.  If my dreams inspire you to remember yours, that would be excellent.  If my dreams inspire you to new creative endeavors of your own, better yet.

Where things get a little iffy is when, for whatever reason, someone decides to claim my dreams as their own and/or make money off my efforts and content.  I’d ask you not to do so.  Or at the very least, have the decency to contact me first.  If a project excites me, I may give you permission in exchange for appropriate credit and, maybe, remuneration.  As I tell my students, “Treat others the way you’d like to be treated,” and, “Manners never hurt.”  Thank you for your consideration.


I can be contacted via email at jeremy_at_home@yahoo.com.


7 comments on “About

  1. cmj513 says:

    Hi! I really like that you share your dreams. Do you ever use anyone/anything to interpret them?

    • Hi, I’m glad you enjoy them! No, I don’t analyze my dreams any more. When you remember 4-10 dreams a night it becomes a bit much. I’ll spend some time with truly profound dreams, but most of the time I just enjoy them.

      • cmj513 says:

        That’s what happened to me this morning.. I had too many with too much detail to try to interpret it. Mine are mostly negative but I try to see the positives :)

  2. I find the “negative” dreams most revealing! :)

  3. John Jr says:

    Hello Jeremy Anderson,

    It is good to see someone else also sharing many of their dreams, and I like how you formatted your About Page by giving enough information without sharing too much information; and what you shared was well written, easy to read, and enjoyable to read. (Unfortunately I am not as skilled as you in that area, and so my About Page and my writing on my blog is not as good as yours; and so feel free to share some advice if you want to if you ever check out my About Page or blog, because it would be nice to get some feedback to help me improve them because I am constantly trying to improve them) ;)

    I am also one of those people who is fortunate to remember part of many of my dreams, it started when I was a kid (I also was a kid who did a lot of thinking and daydreaming, and I still do) but I lost my good dream recall as I got older (most people did not care about dreams and I did not record them, and so I stopped considering them to be important enough to bother trying to remember them I guess) until years later when I decided to start blogging my dreams and then my dream recall started to improve again, but unlike you I did not read many books growing up or even now unfortunately; and so I imagine that your brain/mind has many more things that it can use to make your dreams more interesting and creative compared to mine.

    I never really got into trying to analyze my dreams, and so like you I usually just share my dreams and enjoy them as they are; and I usually do not try to lucid dream, I have in the past and it worked and I still try sometimes, but usually I just let them happen naturally so that I can be surprised.

    Also you are fortunate to be married, have a job, and to have some nice hobbies; congratulations, and keep up the good work. :)

    -John Jr

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