Dream #1,408

Dreamt of walking through the woods and finding a tree whose trunk had broken off at about shoulder height. The top of the still-standing remnant had been worn smooth by a large snail, which I thought of as a “conch”. The snails shell was the size of a football and the poor thing was so heavy it couldn’t climb down without falling, so had simply slithered in circles until the wood was smooth. I picked it up and set it on the ground.


Dream #1,407

Dreamt I had signed a contract to become miniturized. A company had developed a process by which a human being could be shrunk to a fraction of their original size. The shrinking happened in stages, reducing the person’s size by one half in all dimensions with each treatment. I met people everywhere from one-half their size down to only a couple millimeters in height.

However, I was getting cold feet. I really didn’t want to be miniturized and wanted out of my contract. But just by saying that, I activated the penalty clause, which involved the company sending entities they referred to as The Furies after me. I tried to explain to the company rep that it would be beneficial to all to have people of differing sizes. I could do things that mini-people could not and vice versa. He saw the sense in what I was saying, but replied, “You can try explaining that to the Furies.”

Dream #1,406

Dreamt of standing on a moving sidewalk like those at an airport with several other people. The panels, though, didn’t move forward or backward. Instead, the moved sideways into the rails. But they weren’t too grippy, so I could stand with my heels against the edge and the panels would slide under my feet.

The woman behind me was a little scared, worried that the moving panels would suck her feet under the edge and they’d get torn off in the machinery. “How do you stand there like that?” she asked.

“I keep my heels towards the edge. My toes might get sucked under, but my heels are too big. There’s some suction, but that’s it.”

Dream #1,405

Dreamt of a zoo that kept all of its animals in the same enclosure. I watched as a large baboon picked up a penguin, which remained so still that I thought it couldn’t be real, but started thrashing around when the baboon put the penguin’s head in it’s mouth and bit down hard. I then saw a large gorilla with long, matted fur pick up a deer faun, which struggle bravely up until gorilla put the faun’s head in its mouth and bit it clean off.

Dream #1,404

Dreamt of walking down a long, tube-like corridor in line with a lot of other people. The walls/ceiling/floor – which were one continuous circle – were ribbed with light and dark bands. The dark bands seemed to be filled with superscience circuitry while the light bands were perfectly white. When people got a certain distance down the corridor they were judged by both their name and their qualities as a person. Sin Quirin from Ministry was judged based on his name and split into seven small fragments, one for each of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Dream #1,403

Dreamt of teaching a group ballroom dance class. The figure was the Bronze Grapevine from the DVIDA Smooth syllabus. One of the students seemed to think the grapevine itself was somehow done differently than the Silver grapevine. “No, the entry is different, but the grapevine technique is exactly the same…” But he had trouble believing me.

I also taught snap turns. One student get losing their balance, so I explained that they were leading with their head, which makes them fall. Instead, they should turn with their feet and hips, which lowers their center of gravity, creating balance.

Finally, I had one student who was a short body-builder. He was very muscular and bulky and walked with his chest puffed out and an arch in his lower back. I spent some time explaining that body-builders’ chests are often stronger than their backs, pulling their shoulder forward. To compensate, they then force their shoulders back, creating an arch in the lower back, which, in the long run, will lead to back issues. He was very receptive to what I had to say, so I explained how he needed to engage his core and stand with a long neck, allowing his shoulders to fall into the correct position.

Dream #1,402

Dreamt Yuko-hime and I were invited to visit a friend’s family’s home. Turned out they lived in the “bicycle house” up on the hill, famous both because it was easy to see from the surrounding town, but also because the entire house balanced precariously on a couple thin supports which looked like bicycles from a certain angle.

The family was poor and the house run down. Large portions of the roof and ceiling were missing. Clear plastic tarps had been hung over the holes, but they didn’t do very much to keep the autumn rains out. They fed us a homemade meal made from what little they had. They were proud and wanted to be self-supporting, but I knew they — and especially their children — would suffer greatly when winter came. I offered to build them temporary roofs to cover the holes.