Dream #1,379

Dreamt I was engaged to be married to the Princess of Atlantis, who happened to be a mermaid: upper torso of beautiful woman, lower body of a fish. I order to prove my worth I had to swim through a small, underwater tunnel that was long enough that any normal human being would drown before reaching the end of it. Yet somehow I learned to breathe underwater.

When I arrived at the other end of the tunnel, an assassin grabbed the woman in front of me and beat her to death with a heavy cudgel. I could hear the bones crunch with each blow. The guards following me grabbed the man and took him away. I was distraught until I realized the woman was a decoy. Not only was she not the real Princess, but she wasn’t a real person at all, just a cloth bag full of bones.


Dream #1,378

Watched as two small children played hide and seek together. One was a normal looking boy dressed in early-American clothing. He was a good-looking kid but showed small, sharp fangs when he smiled. He was a vampire. The other child was a spooking-looking girl: pale skin, long, stringy, black hair, big wide eyes that showed a lot of white. She was obviously scared of the vampire boy, but the vampire boy was just as scared of her. The thought in my mind was, “Vampires are just as afraid of the truly innocent as the truly innocent are afraid of vampire.”

Dream #1,377

Dreamt Yuko-hime and I were visting a friend. This friend just so happened to be a doctor and just so happened to want to rent out her house. She spent some time showing us all the special amenities and features of her house, then offered it to us for what we thought was a very reasonable price. However, we already had a house, so weren’t interested, and told us so. The woman exploded at us and started yelling and swearing. “Who do you think you are?!!? You are *nobodies*!!! I’m a doctor! How dare you think you’re too good to rent my house!!!”

I woke up very confused.

Dream #1,376

Dreamt of trying to drive my car up a ridiculously steep, icy hill. It started at about a 45-degree slope and got worse from there, until at one point I was driving up almost vertically. I wasn’t sure I could make it, but worried about my ability to turn around, knowing I’d slid as I tried to turn and would likely lose control.

Dream #1,375

Dreamt of feeling the loose teeth on both sides of my jaw. As I wiggled them, three came out. I spit them into my hand. They were bright and shiny white, almost as if they’d been carved out of porcelain. I put these teeth into my pocket. Maybe the dentist could reattach them. I felt my teeth a little more and ended up spitting out a whole handful. These, too, were nice and clean, and I put them into my pocket. And I still had more loose teeth! “At this rate,” I thought, “I’ll only have my front teeth left.”

Dream #1,374

Dreamt my mother and father were trying to patch things up and put their marriage back together. As a result, we all — both of them, myself, and both brothers — were staying in the Red House again. We were having a family bonding night by watching Striptease with Demi Moore. I questioned the choice of movie, but both parents were fine with it.

I was sitting at one end of the couch with my arm along the back while my father sat at the other. My mother came and sat between us and set her hot mug of tea on my hand. It burned, and I flinched, knocking the tea off the back of the couch, spilling it everywhere.

My mom got angry. Very angry. And started yelling at me for spilling her tea and making the mess. I was confused. It was an accident. And did she really expect for me to let the mug stay on my hand, burning it? But she was beyond reason and eventually I just got up and left as she swore at my retreating back and yelling about how I was no longer welcome in the house. Meanwwhile my father sat there, doing nothing, hoping everything would calm down on it’s own.

As I was packing up to leave, both of my brothers came down. Tim was crying. Apparently our mother was kicking them out, too. I took Tim — who was only about 8-years old — into my arms. “Don’t worry,” we’ll find a hotel room where we can all stay together.

I woke up very angry with my mother.

Dream #1,373

Dreamt I was part of the crew for a STL interstellar colonization mission. Due to time dilation — which didn’t work quite as Einstein predicted — we would never be able to return to Earth in person. But we’d be able to send our digital avatars back and forth between the starship and Earth. The information learned on our voyage would get to Earth in our own past, allowing us to use that information to predict the future.

On our first virtual trip back to Earth, we entered virtual reality through a phone booth. We stepped out one at a time, invisible to most of the people around us. But for some reason, the dogs knew we were there and kept sniffing our legs.