Dream #1,370

Dreamt that all the superpowers of the DC superheros had been corrupted by an evil force. Each use of their powers brought them closer to falling under the sway of something from Beyond. Some heroes, like Superman, could get away without using his heat vision and similar abilities, but the Flash was in trouble. He couldn’t use his abilities at all or risk being lost. Batman, having no real superpowers, was totally unaffected.

Yet they still had to fight the Thing from Beyond. And Flash didn’t want to be totally useless, so ended up using his speed. He was quickly corrupted and ended up fighting Batman, who, of course, had a plan that took out the Flash very quickly. “Speed is useless if you don’t have any timing,” he explained.


Dream #1,369

Dreamt that just before I finished my Masters degree, it was discovered that I needed one more English class to graduate from high school. I didn’t take the class very seriously. Attendance wasn’t graded and I only needed a D to graduate high school, and thus graduate from my Masters program. I did a minimum amount of work and rarely attended. I didn’t bother walking around campus. Instead, I flew slowly. It didn’t take much effort, but it did take some effort, more like an active floating. Sometimes I flew so low it looked like I was sliding on the ground. Sometimes I flew so that my head was at the same level as everyone else’s. And sometimes I flew near the ceiling.

I rarely wore clothes, preferring to be naked. At first, the other students made fun of me. But eventually they seemed to get used to me and ignored my presence. The teacher, though, was very angry with me. Not so much for being naked — though she did bring that up everyone once in a while — but more for my lack of effort. But I didn’t really care.

My final assignment for my class was to write and deliver a commencement speech to the graduating seniors. My teacher made it seem like an honor, but I knew she hated me and the look in her eyes told me she had something planned. During commencement, I was to give my speech in front of a large projection screen. As I walked to the mic, the audience started laughing. When I turned to see what they were laughing at, I saw videos of myself being naked around campus. Sometimes sitting in class, sometimes flying. Seems the other students hadn’t gotten used to me, they’d just started recording me.

“I have one question to all of you laughing at me,” I said into the mic. “‘Can you fly?’ If not, then fuck you.” And I lifted off of the stage and floated over their heads and out of the auditorium.