Dream #1,331

Dreamt of taking a long run through the Pill Hill area of Historic Southwest Rochester. A girls’ high school cross-country team was running the same loop as me. I didn’t want to seem like I was following them so pushed hard to get in front of the pack. But then I was out of breath so stopped in one of the side yards, set up a folding chair, and put my feet up on a branch in the hedge. The team stopped to rest at the same spot and one of the girls — dressed in red short-shorts and a white t-shirt — approached me.

“What are you doing? Do you think these people would want you using their chair?” Her tone and demeanor was confrontational.

“Well,” I responded, not returning her tone, “I can’t really be sure, but I do have a Masters degree in anthropology, and one of my classes focused on human territorialism, so I’m pretty sure that we’re okay stopping here.”

The girl’s manner immediately softened and she gave me a friendly wave as her and the rest of the team ran off.

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