Dream #1,330

Dreamt that me and my roommates were outside, grilling, in the early spring. The sun was bright and warm but there was a slight chill in the air. The trolley driver pulled to a stop just outside our house, as he often did. “I’m going to play one Viennese Waltz and one Tango,” he told us. The music started and the one roommate egged the other two of us on to dance, suggesting we dance together. I wasn’t opposed to the idea of dancing with another man, but felt more inspired to dance alone.

The lot next to our house was empty except for the concrete paving and I danced cautiously at first, worried about my bare feet and loose stones. I stretched out my arms and dance simple right turns, left turns, and changes steps in between. But eventually the music took control and I broke into a more expressive Smooth-style dancing with pig swoops and sways until finally I leapt into air, my eyes streaming with tears of melancholy and joy.

I woke up crying.

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