Dream #1,327

Dreamt of walking to my car after class. It was late winter or early spring. There was snow on the ground, but it was melting, and the sidewalks were wet. At one point I jumped through a large puddle where snow had blocked the water from entering the gutter, having fun splashing water everywhere.

Another student was headed in the same direction. The parking ramps had all been full, so we’d ended up parking on the street near them. As we walked, we talked. His name was Allen. He was a young, white man with scruffy brown hair and beard, maybe 20-years younger than me.

Eventually we realized we must’ve gone too far. We stopped at a gas station where Allen asked the attendant where the parking ramps were.
“Yep, you missed them!” he said, pointing back the way we’d come, “They’re back that way about five blocks.”

I was impressed by Allen’s confidence in approaching a complete stranger. I wished I’d had his assuredness.

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