Dream #1,316

Dreamt of sitting at a picnic table with Yuko-hime and her nieces and nephew. We are at a festival of cultures or similar event as groups of people in brightly colored and extravagant traditional costumes are everywhere. Aya-chan, Yuko-hime’s six-year-old niece, is very excited as a young boy of similar age approaches. The boy is wearing bright red and black robes and his beach ball sized afro is covered by a black hood. “This is my friend!” she says, jumping down from the bench to great him.

“I want you to meet my friend, too!” says Takahito-kun, who is ten years old. I stand to great a white man in his mid- to late-20s. His handshake is firm but not overwhelming and he seems like a nice man. As he turns to leave, I suddenly notice his second head, which is lolling to the side. “That’s his brother,” explains Takahito-kun, “He doesn’t like me. So he hides or pretends to be asleep when I’m around.”

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