Dream #1,310

Dreamt of riding around the lake in the back of Luke H.’s truck. The bed was open, like a pick-up, but the cab was open to the bed, more like a station wagon. Maggie H. was in the back with me and we were both leaning over the seats so we could talk with Luke. I happened to glance out the side window and saw a mass of huge snakes coiling in the water near the bank. The view quickly passed and I decided not to mention it. Then I saw a second one.

“Did you guys see all those snakes?” I ask.

“Yeah, the lake is full of them,” responds Luke.

The road around the like was more like a dirt track that the wheels of vehicles had carved into the ground than a real road. Very back-woods. At one point, we had to cross a man-made causeway that was really just two partially-submerged logs spaced wheel-distance apart.

“I hate driving across this thing,” says Luke, “I’d much rather swim.”

“You mean with all of those snakes in the water?” I ask.

“Good point. At least these trees are more stable than a man-made bridge.”

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