Dream #1,305

Dreamt of living in a three bedroom basement apartment. Dom P. had just moved out and I was looking for a new roommate. Clint Be. was considering moving in. I showed him around. My bedroom was near the front door and the staircase down to the basement. It was small with only one small window up towards the ceiling. Dom’s former bedroom was down the hallway and partially tucked under the staircase. It was much larger with a large closet, but had no window. Further down the hallway was the mechanical room, which, in a pinch, served as the third bedroom. It was very clean for a mechanical room, and nice and warm in the winter. Plus it was very close to the back door, which exited out on-grade. “How soon do you need me to make a decision?” Clint asked.

“Take your time. The rent is only $625 per month for all three bedrooms, so I can afford the whole place myself.”

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