Dream #1,304

Dreamt of staying in a hotel with Yuko-hime. We pulled through the front doors and tried find a place in the hallway to park our car. There were a couple of utility spaces a cross the hall, so I tried parking there, first, but it turned out one of the rooms was the locker and shower room for the staff. Turns out the space between the doors to our room and the room next to ours was just big enough. So I parked there.

Room service arrived while Yuko-hime was in the shower. The girl delivering our food was naked from the waist up. She handed my the bill and and pencil. I was confused at first, “Why a pencil? Would a pen be better?”

“Which do you think you’d get more use out of?” She responded as I tried to calculate a 20% tip.

“I’d think a pen,” I answered, being careful with my eye contact.

“That’s what I’d think, too, but apparently they did some studies and people get more use out of one pencil than they do one pen. Never mind the extra work of having to sharpen it, or the smudging…” The girl rolled her eyes.

“And why are you topless?” I finally get the courage to ask.

“For the tips, duh.”

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