Dream #1,310

Dreamt of riding around the lake in the back of Luke H.’s truck. The bed was open, like a pick-up, but the cab was open to the bed, more like a station wagon. Maggie H. was in the back with me and we were both leaning over the seats so we could talk with Luke. I happened to glance out the side window and saw a mass of huge snakes coiling in the water near the bank. The view quickly passed and I decided not to mention it. Then I saw a second one.

“Did you guys see all those snakes?” I ask.

“Yeah, the lake is full of them,” responds Luke.

The road around the like was more like a dirt track that the wheels of vehicles had carved into the ground than a real road. Very back-woods. At one point, we had to cross a man-made causeway that was really just two partially-submerged logs spaced wheel-distance apart.

“I hate driving across this thing,” says Luke, “I’d much rather swim.”

“You mean with all of those snakes in the water?” I ask.

“Good point. At least these trees are more stable than a man-made bridge.”


Dream #1,309

Dreamt that my older brother, Eric, and I had rented a two-bedroom lakeside cabin so we could attend the local music festival. The festival was five days long. The band line-up was mostly metal, but older metal. I don’t remember who was playing, but Pearl Jam was on the roster. One day, when I returned to the cabin for lunch, I found that both the handle and the lock were totally missing from both the front and back doors. Apparently, the landlord had had them removed. Eric, who was home at the time, had already called to complain, but the landlord wouldn’t be able to replace them until after the festival. I found it annoying, but wasn’t too worried about theft. Each bedroom also had a lock set.

Dream #1,308

Dreamt of walking along the bottom of a ravine that ran parallel to the river. I was much lower than the river’s bank and was surprised that this ravine had never flooded. I came to a place where I could see into the water through a gap between the mud and a large tree. Water should be flowing through the gap, but for some reason was not. I could see fish swimming, some of species I’d never seen before. I felt the urge to step through the gap, but worried about being attacked by fish. I stepped through anyway.

Dream #1,307

Dreamt a vampire had gotten into the building and Yuko-hime and I were trying to escape it. We came across the scene of its last victim, which was embedded in a wall of tentacles, blood vessels, and slime. He must’ve been trapped like this for weeks or months before finally dying.

As we watched, the grotesque wall collapsed, dropping the body to the floor. Slimy tentacles sprung from the ceiling, binding us both up tightly. The slime was cool and mildly numbing and I found that I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed, but aware. I could feel the blood vessels penetrate my skin and connect my circulatory system directly to that of the vampire.

We were both helpless — we couldn’t even talk — and I knew we were going to die. Not today, but weeks or months from now. But I could still feel Yuko-hime’s hand in mine.

Dream #1,306

Dreamt of living in a three bedroom basement apartment. I didn’t have any roommates at this time and was covering the rent by myself. Yuko-hime came to visit and she was clearly happy to see me. She was still living in the house we shared, but was looking for an apartment of her own. As I showed her around, she asked about the rent.

“Only $625 per month, all utilities included,” I told her.

“Wow, that’s cheap!”

“Yeah,” I said, “If I had roommates to split it with, it would be even cheaper. But I can afford this by myself in addition to our mortgage payments…But you should move in with me! You’d have your own bedroom!”

“I don’t know…What if we start dating again?”

“What would be wrong with that?”

Dream #1,305

Dreamt of living in a three bedroom basement apartment. Dom P. had just moved out and I was looking for a new roommate. Clint Be. was considering moving in. I showed him around. My bedroom was near the front door and the staircase down to the basement. It was small with only one small window up towards the ceiling. Dom’s former bedroom was down the hallway and partially tucked under the staircase. It was much larger with a large closet, but had no window. Further down the hallway was the mechanical room, which, in a pinch, served as the third bedroom. It was very clean for a mechanical room, and nice and warm in the winter. Plus it was very close to the back door, which exited out on-grade. “How soon do you need me to make a decision?” Clint asked.

“Take your time. The rent is only $625 per month for all three bedrooms, so I can afford the whole place myself.”

Dream #1,304

Dreamt of staying in a hotel with Yuko-hime. We pulled through the front doors and tried find a place in the hallway to park our car. There were a couple of utility spaces a cross the hall, so I tried parking there, first, but it turned out one of the rooms was the locker and shower room for the staff. Turns out the space between the doors to our room and the room next to ours was just big enough. So I parked there.

Room service arrived while Yuko-hime was in the shower. The girl delivering our food was naked from the waist up. She handed my the bill and and pencil. I was confused at first, “Why a pencil? Would a pen be better?”

“Which do you think you’d get more use out of?” She responded as I tried to calculate a 20% tip.

“I’d think a pen,” I answered, being careful with my eye contact.

“That’s what I’d think, too, but apparently they did some studies and people get more use out of one pencil than they do one pen. Never mind the extra work of having to sharpen it, or the smudging…” The girl rolled her eyes.

“And why are you topless?” I finally get the courage to ask.

“For the tips, duh.”