Dream #1,301

Dreamt of traveling via RV with Yuko-hime. The road we were traveling was a dirt road through farmland. When we got tired, we’d just pull over and park until we were ready to keep traveling. The RV was equipped with windows that, with a verbal command, would turn black, obscuring all vision in and out.

We pulled into the parking lot of school-like building, but it was a residence of some sort for adults. A storm was brewing to the East and we wanted to be in something a little more structurally sound than our RV when the storm it. The news was reporting a tornado watch. We were set up in a room of our own with windows looking to the east. We unpacked some gear and tried to get settled in, but the sky kept getting more and more scary.

I pointed out the window. “Look, Yuko-hime, that looks like a tornado forming.” And sure enough, it was. Five additional tornadoes dropped from the clouds and started tearing up the countryside. They were still way in the distance. The rest of the residents stepped outside to get a clearer look.

I, on the other hand, rearranged our beds. I figured the brick-and-concrete structure would withstand the tornadoes, but I knew the windows would break and the glass likely fly inward. I placed our beds on the far side of the wall and arranged some of our bedding as curtain, hoping it was absorb some of the glass shards.

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