Dream #1,300

Dreamt of stopping in to visit my childhood home — the Red House — to see what had become of it. I discovered that one of my current neighbors — whose name I had trouble remembering — had bought it and was currently in the process of remodeling it. It was now green instead of red. The roof over the front portion of the living room and dining room had been removed and those spaces were now open to the sky. Other parts towards the back of the house were getting worked on as well, but I didn’t make it all the way in. The current owner engaged me in conversation.

“Jeremy! Good to see you! Where are you living now?”

“Oh, hi…” I racked my brain trying to remember his name. I thought, Joel, but he didn’t look like the Joel I remembered. “Yuko-hime and I bought a house a couple blocks from here. How’s your wife?”

“Anita’s great. And the kids are, too!” Anita was Joel’s wife’s name, and they had two kids, so I started thinking that maybe this was Joel…”But, I gotta get going.”

“Joel,” I risked it, “Yuko-hime and I are having a cocktail party later. Why don’t you stop by?”

“That sounds great! Can I bring Addie and Gus?” I’d guessed correctly. It was Joel.

“Of course!”

When I got home, I told Yuko-hime about my interaction. And told her about the cocktail party. “Of course we can have a cocktail party! But we better check with our roommate to make sure she’s okay with the noise. You can invite her, too, if you’d like.”

Go to the back of the house where our roommate lives. She has a whole suite to herself, with a private exit, so we don’t see her very often. She happens to be home. “We are having a cocktail party, would you like to join us? I make some good rum-based cocktails.”

“Can you make a bucolic mojito?” she asked.

“I make good mojitos, but I’ve never made a bucolic one. How are they different?”

She pulls out a jar filled with what look like orangish-beige olives that have been carved into mini flowers. “Just add one of these to your mojito,” she said.

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