Dream #1,299

Dreamt of trying to meet Will K. at the Tropicana in downtown Minneapolis. The Tropicana was a nightclub sort of venue that was known for having live bands. I showed up early and found a place on the risers where I laid out my blanket and got comfortable. Eventually I realized that the Tropicana wasn’t quite “bar-like” enough for me, and didn’t have any food, so decided to find another place to meet Will. I gave him a call while I was walking around. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“How about Vincent’s? It’s the bar below Victor Fong’s restaurant.” Victor Fong is one of the best Standard dancers in the world and, apparently, had opened a gourmet restaurant.

“That sounds good. When should I meet you?” asked Will.

“I’m on my way now.”

But I have trouble find the place. Most of the streets had been torn up for remodeling and construction work, so I continually get detoured. At one point I get so turned around that I have to jump a chasm in the road, barely making it to other side. Finally, I ask one of the construction workers. “I’ll show you the way!” he says and takes off running.

I run to keep up, but he’s way a head of me. Suddenly he stopped to talk to a couple of girls and they run along with him. All three disappear inside Fong’s Restaurant. I find them sitting at a table with and extra chair for me. It was clear the construction worker was hoping to hook up with the girl sitting next to him, and I was expected to hook up with the girl next to the empty seat. I had no interest in joining this stranger and these two girls. I don’t sit, but I offer my name and my hand as an introduction. The girls give me there names and giggle out something about being Gammas. Apparently, they were sorority girls.

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