Dream #1,298

Dreamt a couple of friends were helping me clean out my bedroom in the Red House. The bedroom was both the bedroom that I remember and grassy field outdoors with a lone tree. I was going through the stuff I had seen or thought about in years in the cabinets and found a lot I wanted to throw out. I started with the empty plastic bags. I tied them in knots and put them in the garbage. Next was a lot of old clothes with stones scattered through the piles. Upon closer inspection, many of the stones had tiny symbolic engraving on them. I recognized them as gifts from the shamanic community — people I’d attend the Three-Year Training Course with, including Toni K.P. and Deanna S. So I decided to keep those.

Next I found an old pillow, which I planed on throwing out. But a friend grabbed it from me, saying it was hers. That she’d loaned it to me many years ago and that I’d never returned it. I gave it back freely with an apology. She pulled out about $50 in small bills, which she’d apparently hidden in there so many years ago.

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