Dream #1,294

Dreamt that the zombies were upon us. I locked the door and yelled at everyone to jump out the windows at the back of the building, into the lake. I locked the door, which had a soft pink handle. Then I started tipping shelves in front of the door. I knew the lock wouldn’t hold them forever, so hoped the shelves would slow them down enough that everyone could get away.

And I’m glad I did. The zombies were already at the door and had pushed it part way open. This puzzled me, because the door seemed to be swinging freely and I knew I had locked it. Then I noticed that the lock and handle were both missing. I had no idea what had happened to them. They weren’t broken. They were just gone, as if they’d never existed.

The zombies would be in soon, so I ran to the back of the room and jumped into the lake. The last man to jump landed ankle deep in mud and fell on his face. I was worried that he’d broken something, but he seemed to be fine. I did lose his shoes in the mud, though, and had to run in his stocking feet.

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