Dream #1,293

Dreamt I was with a group, helping them pack and organize for their trip to the airport. There was a massive zombie outbreak in the area and we wanted to get them to safety. The zombies weren’t close, but they were headed in our direction. The group was taking far too much time, in my opinion. Frustrated with their progress, I went outside.

The air was cool and the sky was white with clouds. I found an iron axe with a spike next to the head and long — probably 12- to 15-foot long — iron handle. It was a heavy sucker. I tried swinging it over head, both hands at the end. I could swing it, but it was too heavy for me to apply any downward force. The spike sparked where it hit the concrete of the driveway with a loud “clang”.

A woman came outside to see what I was doing. “Can you use that to kill zombies?” she asked.

“No, it’s too heavy to swing effectively.”

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