Dream #1,277

Dreamt that the bus I was riding on backed a little too quickly into its parking spot, banging the wall and denting its bumper. We all — my brother Eric A., my sister-in-law Carla A., my younger nephew Connor A., and myself carrying my new nephew — got out and headed inside to order something to eat.

My new nephew was maybe two- or three-years-old. But he still ordered the jumbo meatball sub. We sat at the picnic table and he tried taking a bite. A meatball squeezed out of the bun, bounced off the table and rolled a short way across the grass. My new nephew set his sub down and chased after the escaped meatball. He picked it up in his small hands, blew on the spot that had been resting on the ground, and started eating it.

“Five second rule!” I yelled out to him.

I guess that’s how we build our immune system, I think to myself.

Connor had been watching this whole interaction, and he looked a little jealous. So I reached across the table and stroked his hair and cheek affectionately.

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