Dream #1,274

Dreamt I was on a platform suspended far above the sky with a small surfboard in hand. The air was clear and filled with white, fluffy clouds. The sky was slightly below the platform. I could see it shimmer slightly like rippling glass. I jumped and landed on my surfboard and flew above the sky, turning and cutting without touching its surface. My momentum and direction took me back to the platform.

That had been the trial run. I was ready to kill myself. I jumped off the platform again, this time guiding my surfboard straight and away from the platform. I worked to keep the nose of my surfboard up as I wanted to get as far away from the platform as I could before losing momentum, at which point I’d fall below the surface of the sky to my death.

I didn’t do very well. The nose of the surfboard dipped below the surface of the sky pretty quickly and I was pulled under. I grabbed the surfboard with one hand as I sunk below the surface of the sky. But I wasn’t afraid. I was ready. I stopped holding my breath and took in a large lung-full of what I expected to be water, but was air. I looked forward to falling out the bottom of the world.

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