Dream #1,251

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I had made the finals for the Standard Championships. The ballroom was very small — maybe about 15-ft by 15-ft — and I wasn’t sure if I could fit our choreography on it. Yuko-hime was still upstairs getting dressed when they called us to the floor. The waltz music started. The other dancers danced around me as I waited patiently for Yuko-hime as she ran into the ballroom. We had just enough time to get into frame before the waltz music ended.

Then it was time for our quickstep. The floor was so small that I couldn’t keep us on it. We danced onto the carpeting a couple of times as we rounded the corners.

I figured we’d gotten last of the six, but I was just amazed to be in the finals at all, so I was happy. But then the called sixth place and it wasn’t us. We got fifth, even without dancing our waltz and dancing our quickstep off the floor.

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