Dream #1,249

Dreamt of walking outside, looking up at the clouds. I noticed a small, almost perfectly circular hole, open to blue skies beyond. The hole got closer as the world around me stretched and faded away. As I approached the hole in the clouds, I saw a crowd of people waiting for me. I recognized most of them and knew that they were all dead. That’s when I realized I was dying.

“Is it my time?” I asked no one in particular.

“It can be. All you have to do is let go.”

I felt a pressure in my belly and knew that’s what I was holding on to. If I just released it, I could die and move into the next world.

“Will the people currently in my life be waiting for me when I arrive?”


“Then I guess I’m not ready to die yet.”

But the pressure in my belly was building and becoming quite painful. I struggled to hold on to it and screamed myself awake.

I ran to the bathroom and struggled to urinate. There was a part of me resisting my efforts. That’s when I noticed that the room I had been sleeping in was my bedroom from the Red House, and I was standing in the bathroom from the Red House. I was still dying. If I urinated, I’d’ve symbolically let go of what was keeping me alive.

With an act of will I forced myself to wake up.


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