Dream #1,243

Dreamt of watching Al S. and Ehren E. practicing martial arts together. Al had a staff and Ehren was empty handed, yet Ehren consistently got very low underneath Al’s guard to strike him in the belly. “Why do you keep letting him hit you?” I ask.

“He’s got an unbeatable technique! ‘Death-fingers’! I just can’t beat it!”

“Show me what your doing.”

Al stands there, unmoving, as Ehren hits him with Death-fingers.

“No, show me what you’re doing! I can’t see what you’re doing if you don’t do something!”

Ehren strikes again as Al tries to shift in with a forward thrust.

“Okay, let me try.”

I take Al’s staff. Ehren comes at me with Death-fingers and I counter by shifting out while delivering a sharp overhead strike to the back of his head. Just hard enough to sting. “Why are you letting Ehren get inside your range?” I ask Al, “That’s one of the biggest advantages of a weapon like a staff. Don’t shift in, shift out or away.”

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