Dream #1,232

Dreamt that Sara R. and Elizabeth H. were co-MCing an outdoor variety show, which was a fundraising event for The Magazine: an organization dedicated to getting Luther College graduates jobs in the Decorah area. In their opening comments they discussed the schedule of events. “Notice that have a ‘spontaneous 50-min break’ listed. Obviously, it’s not that ‘spontaneous’ if it’s in the program.” Laughter. “During that time we will be humming for the spirits and you are all welcome to join us.”

I found myself pleasantly surprised as it had been a long time since I’d hummed for the spirits.


Dream #1,231

Dreamt that Rick F. was visiting Yuko-hime and I in our new place. I’d pulled down all the new bottles of whiskey I’d bought since the last time I saw him. They were various shapes and sizes and Rick was very impressed. “I’ve never seen most of these before! You have a better selection than I can get at my store!”

Dream #1,230

Dreamt of waiting in line while Christmas shopping. The line was moving very slowly, so I pulled out my phone to quickly text Yuko-hime. I didn’t have it out more than a couple of seconds when the line started moving again. The man behind me got very angry. “What the Hell are you doing!? Especially since you’ve been bitching about teenagers wasting other people’s time!”

I was confused as I didn’t remember saying any such thing. So I tried to explain, “My wife is in Japan and I haven’t seen her three weeks…”

“I don’t give a f–k! You need to keep this line moving!”

I put my phone away and the man stormed off.

I grabbed something out of the air. It was the end of a tape measure and as I released it, it snapped back into the hand of the teenager who’d been trying to poke me in the eye with it. The teenager looked ashamed at being caught as the man came storming back. “You!” he yelled at his son, “Get back in line! And you…” he directed his attention back at me, “…don’t you dare touch my son!” And he swung at me.

I ducked his punch and jammed my thumb into his thigh, breaking the skin just under the quadriceps. Yanking out, I tore the skin of his leg from knee to groin and his muscle tissue buldged out. He screamed in pain and threw a flurry of blows at me. I blocked them all and threw him against the wall. The item hangers tore into his back and he lost a lot of skin as I yanked him free. He came at me one more time and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I woke up screaming.

Dream #1,229

Dreamt of facing down an opponent. A friend of mine formed the third in the triangle. Both the friend and the other man were talking trash when the other man jumped at me. I blocked every strike he threw then tossed him to the ground. My friend took a defensive stance and I took him down with little effort and no injury. He got up and was pissed. “Why would you take me down? I wasn’t attacking you!”

“You moved suddenly after I’d already neutralized the threat. What was I to think?”

Dream #1,228

Dreamt our flights to Mexico had to be redirected due to a massive storm. My plane landed in Argentina three hours before Yuko-hime’s, so I had some time. At first I was a little disappointed when none of my co-passengers invited me to join them for lunch, especially since I knew a lot of them and considered them friends, but then I started having fun wandering around and practicing my Spanish with the locals.

Dream #1,227

Dreamt of moving back into the small shed behind the house. I planned on staying there all summer. The ceiling was low with a small bathroom and kitchenette in back. The rafters were exposed so I used a piece of plywood to set up a sleeping loft. The ladder was non-existent, so I climbed up using exposed boards and screws. I’d have to attach some handles to make the climb easier when I got a chance.

Dream #1,226

Dreamt of sitting at the foot of a hospital bed. The man lying there was someone mildly famous, and I should’ve known his name, but I couldn’t remember it. He was hooked up to a ventilator that kept him breathing, and other bits of equipment. It was only a matter of time before he died. I planned on sitting with him until the end, hoping that if I did so, someone would sit with me when I was dying.