Dream #1,202

Dreamt I’d been invited to stay over in a friend’s home at the same time they were hosting their family reunion. The put me in the upstairs bedroom. During the night, I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and I went to the one closest to where I’d been sleeping. After flushing, I noticed water dripping from the ceiling. The dripping turned into a trickle, then several more leaks. Two of the brothers came in. “We’re sorry, Jeremy, this bathroom is broken.”

“I wish you’d told me!” I said as the brothers started toweling up the water, which had started to run into the carpeting outside. “I just used the closest one. I know of at least three others off the top of my head I could’ve used…Can I help clean up?”

“No, we got this. Go back to bed. We should’ve warned you.”


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