Dream #1,212

Dreamt of coming across an abandoned baby kangaroo. I picked him up and put him in the front pocket of my hoodie and continued walking. After a time, he became curious and poked his head out. He was so young that he hadn’t figured out his balance yet and fell to the ground. I worried for a moment that he would be upset, so a scratched his belly until he started kicking his legs in joy. Then I picked him up and put him back in my pocket.


Dream #1,211

Dreamt that a man asked me to give him a silver baton back. “But it was a gift. You gave it to me.”

“But you don’t know how to use it, and if you’re not going to use it properly, you shouldn’t have it at all!” He tried to grab the baton out of hand.

He ended up chasing me around the yard for a bit, trying to get the baton from me while I tried to keep away from him. Eventually he pinned me against the fence and managed to get a hand on the baton, with both of us yelling the whole time. “Give me the baton!” “No, it was a gift!”

I fell on top of him and began elbowing him in the face as tears streamed down my cheeks.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,210

Dreamt of trying to help someone move, but I was having trouble fitting the dresser through the front door. I gave it a couple of quick shoves, thinking the momentum would help, but all it did was make some loud banging noises. “Don’t get so frustrated!” Yuko-hime yelled at me.

“I’m not frustrated, it just doesn’t fit, so I–”

Yuko-hime cut me off. “You are too getting frustrated! If you can’t do it, get out of the way and let me try!” She gave the dresser a couple quick shoves, recreating the banging, and she became furious and started yelling at me.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,209

Dreamt that me and a handful of others had survived the zombie apocalypse and were making our way through dark, muddy woods when a small tornado blew through. Trees and debris were tossed about, burying all of our party except myself and Rick. Rick ran off to look for a vehicle while I looked through the mess for survivors. Hearing a soft voice, I dug through the debris until I could pull Jenna K. out. She was scared, but completely unharmed.

Rick drove up in an SUV, but the noise of the vehicle attracted the attention of the zombies in the surrounding woods. Rick, too afraid to stop, kept driving, leaving Jenna and I behind. We ran after Rick, cursing at him the whole time, with a horde of zombies running after us.

Dream #1208

Dreamt I’d been infected with some alien symbiotes which gave me extraordinary powers, but in doing so removed a portion of my humanity. I had one grafted to my forearm, giving me strength and claws. Another was fused with my brain, increasing my processing power and reflexes, but disfiguring my face. The goal was to fuse enough into my body so that I could fight effectively without removing me so far from humanity that I became evil, like my opponent. I watched in dismay as he accepted more and more symbiotes, becoming huge, strong, and monstrous in appearance and attitude.

As he stepped towards me, he failed to notice the open storm drain, which he stepped in. I shoved him just at that moment, knocking him over backwards. His leg tore off as his flesh had grown rotten from trying to incorporate all the alien tissue.

Dream #1,207

Dreamt that Yuko-hime was away for the semester finishing her MBA while I was in Fargo, ND, back in school. I found a cheap apartment in the Northwestern slums out past the airport, from which I walked to classes at NDSU. I got lost on my way home and ended up in the back woods where I found the home of a conspiracy theorist. He let me stay the night and showed me all the safeguards he had in place to block cellphone and wifi signals. He also showed me how quickly he could escape if the government came after him. All his protections left me feeling very anxious.

Dream #1,206

Dreamt I’d been invited to stay over in a friend’s home at the same time they were hosting their family reunion. I went for a walk through the woods by myself, and came upon an old storage shed. As I approached, a young man quickly came outside to greet me. The youngest daughter was there, too, and begged me not to tell her father that her boyfriend was living in the shed. “Not my concern,” I told her, “Your family, your secrets.”