Dream #1,193

Dreamt that most of the plankton in the oceans had died off. As a result, the entire ocean ecology was collapsing. Manta rays were circling the rare pockets of plankton, protecting it from other fish. The parent mantra rays were holding back from eating, willfully starving themselves, so that their offspring had something to eat. I tried to wave my hand and create more plankton through force of will.


Dream #1,192

Dreamt of running into Maddy H. as I was walking home from work. “Hi!” I say, “How is the new Stewartville bar owner?”

“I’m great!” she replied, “The bar is coming along! Just about all set up! By the way, a bunch of us are going to Jason’s bar next Friday. Do you want to ride along?”

“I don’t work on Saturday, so maybe, but I need to check Yuko-hime’s and my dance practice schedule.”

Dream #1,191

Dreamt of trying to carry on a one-way conversation with a ghost, “Because you can hear me, but I cannot hear you,” I asked, “Does that mean you are the ghost and I am alive? Or am I the ghost?”

I woke up crying.