Dream #1,190

Dreamt of finding our kitten sleeping with Toki-chan — our tiny, plush baby penguin. The kitten was curled tightly around Toki-chan and it was clear that she had claimed him for her own. I was worried about the wear and tear on Toki-chan. Figuring that the kitten just needed more cuddles, I took her into my arms.


Dream #1,189

Dreamt that a young woman was consulting with Yuko-hime and I regarding some body modifications. She wanted a tattoo with a large piercing on her chin below her lip and a larger piercing for suspension behind her sternum. After taking some measurements we determined that the skin in front of her sternum was only 4/100 of an inch and the skin behind — inside her chest cavity — was only 3/100 of an inch. That much skin was just not enough to support the piercing she’d hoped to get.