Dream #1,188

Dreamt of showing up late for class after having failed to do my homework. We were supposed to answer three questions about the reading: 1) “What was the author’s name?” 2) “How old was she when she started writing?” and 3) “What was the reading about?” Our answers were to be turned in on a Post-It note. I overheard two other students mention the author’s name, “Fuldonando,” and seemed to recall that she’d started writing when she was thirty-two years old. And thinking that partial credit was better than no credit, I looked around for a pen and a Post-It note.

I arrived at our table to find it was covered with Post-It notes, but they already had writing on them. I asked Yuko-hime if I could borrow one from her. She hold it out but yanked it back when I reached for it. As my anxiety started to build, she began mocking my ticks and hand gestures, making fun of me.

I woke up crying.


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