Dream #1,146

Dreamt that Clint B., Coleman W., Deja W., and I were invited to sit in on a martial arts promotion ceremony and celebration. Coleman was the most excited of us as this was the first time he’d been able to kick head-height in years. One of the promotion candidates tried to give Clint a charlie-horse in his thigh with a punch. A punch which Clint easily blocked. A little confused, the candidate tried to do it again. He seemed to think that because he was getting promoted to black belt that he his punches were too fast to be blocked by “some old man”, so the first block must’ve been a fluke. Clint blocked his punch again. Seriously frustrated now, the candidate through several punches at Clint in rapid succession, all of which Clint easily blocked. “Boy,” said Deja, “Is that kid going to be embarrassed when he discovers who Clint is…”

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