Dream #1,170

Dreamt I’d taken a new job in Florida, which, due to the rising of the oceans, was partially underwater. Summers were hot, rarely dropping below 100°F, so I pulled a small suitcase behind me as I walked to work, so I’d have fresh clothes to change into when I got there. The office building was mostly underground and we had to take a circular, over-engineered elevator to reach our floors. As it arrived on the ground floor to pick us up, it tipped onto its side and we walked in through the ceiling.


Dream #1,169

Dreamt that a group of us had escaped the devastation of the Earth in a slow-than-light interplanetary spacecraft. We had all food and supplies we needed, but would not be able to return to Earth for a long time. Our spacecraft took us on a long orbit to the outer reaches of the solar system, allowing us spectacular views of Uranus and Neptune.

Dream #1,168

Dreamt I was attacked by a group of women. Each of the woman held an open-ended stapler, that, when they hit me with it, injected a black staple into my skin. I did my best to block their blows, but ended up with a massive amount of staples in my forearms. Finally, I grabbed one woman by the back of the head and threw her into what should’ve been an easy forward roll, but she landed on her back and started gasping for breath. Apparently, I’d broken her neck and she was dying.

Dream #1,167

Dreamt that I was attacked by a man using a sword and his three friends. The man didn’t bother to draw the sword from its ivory scabbard as he wanted to beat me to death. I managed to disarm him and, drawing the sword myself, quickly cut all four of them down. I ditched the sword and ran out of the warehouse, down the beach. Pausing a moment to swim in the ocean to clean off most of the blood. I entered a beach bar, looking for Daniel A. I knew he had the street skills to hide me from the rest of the gang, maybe even get me out of town. “Why do you want to get out of town?” he asked, “You’re actually safer here, if you stay and fight.” Convinced, I decide to wait in the bar while he disappears into the crowd.

Dream #1,166

Dreamt of marching in a parade down Broadway. I was in the color guard, carrying a bright gold and green flag. I was nervous because I had no idea what the color guard commands actually were or what I was supposed to be doing. I did my best to follow the woman in front of me and mimic what she did, even when her marching directions didn’t make a lot of sense. She followed the contours of the buildings rather than head straight down the street.

Dream #1,165

Dreamt of going for a run through my neighborhood with Will K. and Christopher S. as we started hitting the hills southeast of Saint Marys Hospital I found myself having trouble keeping up with them. I encouraged them to push on ahead. I would meet them back at the house in an hour.

Dream #1,164

Dreamt that Christopher S. and I were trying to find our way through the Twin Cities. We hoped to catch Will K. as he ran a marathon, but the directions the GPS was giving us weren’t making any sense and had us looping all over the place. After a time, we gave up. We called Will to let him know we’d meet him at the bar afterwards.