Dream #1,116

Dreamt of walking through the neighborhood, watching the pollen drift down from the trees. The pollen was about the size of black pepper corns and bright yellow. When I tried to catch one, it dispersed into pollen dust. “Autumn is so beautiful,” I said to myself, combing a fallen leaf out of my hair.


Dream #1,115

Dreamt of walking home through the Memorial Parkway area in southwest Rochester. I passed a lady doing yoga in her front yard wearing a towel that didn’t do much to cover her nakedness. Curious, but trying not to stare, I kept walking, only to see several other women in their front yards, in various states of undress, further up the street. Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I approached one and asked what was going on. “It’s Half Off Day,” she said.

“What does that mean?”

“It means that we are all taking a half day off of work.”

“But why are you all topless?”

“Because it’s Half Off Day,” she replied.

“Clever,” I said, “Are you promoting something? Is this a benefit of some sort?”

She just shrugged and seeing that no further clarification would be offered, I started walking again. And I wondered if this Half Off Day would catch on.

Dream #1,114

Dreamt that my father, stepmother, and myself were sitting down around a card table in the living room to play some cards. Their orange and white cat decided to sit on a chair too. As it tried to jump into the first chair, Barb sat down. As it tried to jump into the next chair, my dad sat down. As the cat tried to jump onto the couch, I sat down. Totally irritated by this time, the cat made a jump for the third chair, but missed its jump, landing badly on the floor. By this time, Barb was under the table trying to calm the cat down. In retaliation, the cat batted her a dozen times in rapid succession. Luckily it had no claws.

Dream #1,113

Dreamt of running into Benedict Cumberbatch and a much younger than expected Kurt Russell at an outdoor concert. Kurt and I had met once before. He remembered me and greeted me with a warm handshake. “Jeremy, right?!” He introduced me to Benedict then proceeded to tell me about his mission trip to Missouri, where he and his group had to be careful because of all the anti-Christian “gun nuts” running around. I really just wanted to listen to the music, but he was so eager and friendly, and I was flattered that he remembered me, that I listened patiently and politely as he talked.

Dream #1,112

Dreamt jumping off the lip of a very high cliff to the river below. As I fell, I noticed that if I looked down, my body started to rotate forward. So I concentrated on keeping my eyes on the horizon so I’d hit the water feet first. I also noticed that I could slow my fall to a crawl by extending my arms out straight from my sides. I kept them in and hit with water with a large splash. The bystanders were amazed at my ability to control my fall so precisely. But they were even more amazed when I walked on the water to the shore.

Dream #1,111

Dreamt that my nephew, Connor A., had come to visit me where I was staying in my old bedroom in the Red House. The blue carpeting had been torn out and nothing had replaced it, the walls were no longer blue, and it was in a state of disrepair, but it was still my old bedroom. I showed him the new furniture that I’d acquired, which fit snugly in with my childhood set. These items included a desk and an entertainment stand that was tall and thin like a grandfather clock.

Dream #1,110

I started wondering why I could only fly in dreams. It seemed strange to me. I have so many dreams about learning to fly, I thought at least one of the techniques should work in waking live. I leaped into the air and floated much further than I expected. After a little practice, I could control my distance and direction in mid air.

Then I woke up.