Dream #1,103

Dreamt we needed to open the Scorpion Gate to rescue Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, who was trapped on the Other Side. We hoped she’d made it to her side of the Gate as we had to be quick. We didn’t want to release any of the Lovecraftian horrors from the Other Side into our world. Buffy was there, but she was frozen as still as a statue and couldn’t breathe. My teammate talked me into leaving the Gate open as he didn’t think we had enough time to shut it down and get Buffy back to our base in time to save her. As we dragged her rigid body behind us, something came through. It was like liquid, red-black smoke that oozed and surged through the air after us. As it progressed through our world, the landscape around it bleed free of color. Leaves, flowers and sky all became white, tree trunks turned black.

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