Dream #1,100

Dreamt a crocodile had grabbed a baby tiger in its jaws. A fox saw what happened and immediately jumped on the crocodile in an effort to free the tiger cub. The mother tiger, only knowing that her cub was in danger, attacked the fox, raking it’s face and back with her claws.

I jumped into the chaos, first separating the mother tiger from the fox and delivering her to some bystanders who held her back while I went back in to the fight. Fox and I managed to free the baby tiger from the crocodile. Knowing that crocodiles’ jaws a strong in closing, but weak in opening, I clamped my hands around its snout, and it immediately calmed down. The crocodile also began to shrink until it was small enough to have just crawled out of an egg.

The baby tiger was, miraculously, unharmed. The fox stood by, covered in deep cuts, but obviously proud. Seeing that her baby was safe, the mother tiger calmed down. Before passing the tiger cub to its mother, another bystander passed it into my arms, where it curled up and fell asleep.

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