Dream #1,098

Dreamt of being part of a military force intent on retaking the city from the enemy. Our drop ship was stationed in low orbit and our forces needed to hit the ground face to minimize losses from anti-drop weaponry. One of the senior sergeants — who happened to have no use of his legs — was spending a lot of energy yelling at his troops instead of jumping himself. So I pushed him. As he fell, he swung his walker at me, losing hold of it. I knew he’d need it when he hit the ground, so I jumped immediately after him, just as our air support craft went nose down into a dive.


Dream #1,097

Dreamt that the two velociraptors had found a small hole in the back of their glass cage and were studying it intently, trying to find a way out. We couldn’t get back there to patch the whole without them hurting us, so my coworker decided to throw a stun bomb through the hole to knock them out. Unfortunately, he missed the hole and broke the panel near the hole, making it big enough for them to escape. While the velociraptors were still wondering if they could fit, I started yelling at my coworker. “We have to kill them now! Through the grenade in!” But he hesitated and the velociraptors escaped into the city.

Dream #1,096

Dreamt of trying to play an old Church (the band) EP. It was printed on paper, not vinyl, so the needle had trouble finding the track. As it played, the needle kept skipping and scratching and eventually tore the EP. I was very glad I’d already digitized the music.

Dream #1,095

Dreamt I’d acquired all eight Demon Possessed Rings. Each ring contained a demon. When someone put on a Ring, they’d become possessed by the demon. We had no means to destroy the Rings, so the only thing we could do was hide them somewhere. We found eight oak trees and, using a hammer, bounded the rings into the bark. The oaks, understanding the task, quickly grew around the Rings, embedding them in their trunks. We knew that the trees would eventually be cut down or die, but it was the best solution we could come up with for now.

Dream #1,094

Dreamt of riding on top of a train through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A young mutant tried to jump up onto the tanker car with me. I grabbed his clawed hand when he missed his grip and pulled him up beside me. He had black, raccoon-like eyes, but was clearly part wolf. I don’t remember where the train was going.

Dream #1,093

Dreamt of sliding very quickly down the icy highway on my stomach. My trench coat offered some protection from the friction, but it was in tatters in short order. So I put my palms on my chest as an extra buffer, knowing my gloves were made of tougher material. I still worried I’d be losing skin before I got to my destination.

Dream #1,092

Woke up from a nightmare screaming. I tried to explain that I’d already had four nightmares, but I only woke up to the fifth one, and I couldn’t remember any of them. Yuko-hime held me until I calmed down.