Dream #1,077

Dreamt of meeting two students for lunch. I expected the one male student, but the second one was supposed to be — and claimed to be — Grace W. Apparently she was the victim of a nasty curse that transferred her consciousness into this new, male body. When I closed my eyes I could hear the speech patterns in her voice, but I still had trouble reconciling what I saw with what she claimed. In any case, we needed to figure out a way to get her back into her own body. I thought rereading Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk would be a good place to start.


Dream #1,076

Dreamt I had set up a massive display of a large section of land. The display covered about one city block and modeled hundreds of square miles. Walkways spanned the display at convenient places so people could watch as I dropped micro-explosive devices to simulate the bombing of the Earth. Explosion after explosion tore away at the model, eventually opening up to the Nothingness below.

Dream #1,075

Dreamt of taking a tour through Greece with a handful of people including Yuko-hime, Jimmy D., and Anjelica M. Our stay at each new location always started with a hike through the beautiful Greek countryside. I mentioned to Anjelica how refreshing I found this way of starting the day. “Oh, yes, I agree!” she said, “This is how I started every day in India!”

Dream #1,074

Dreamt of working my way through a castle, trying to find pieces of the Crown of Nereru, so I could reassemble it, thereby summoning Nereru. Once I slipped the last piece in place, the Crown rose into the air and a skeletal figure in long, blue and red robes materialized underneath. That’s when I realized that Nereru was the Angel of Death.

Dream #1,073

Dreamt of standing in a small niche high on a cliff at the top of a mountain. The clouds were far below me and I had no idea how I’d gotten there. It was clear the only way to get down was to jump. So I did, hoping my magic boots would allow me to survive the fall.

Dream #1,072

I was shocked awake by a vigorous tapping on my shoulder. I figured it was Yuko-hime. When I rolled over to see what she wanted, I found she was still asleep, facing away from me.

Dream #1,071

Dreamt of moving back into my blue bedroom in the red house. I hadn’t finished unpacking and the heat hadn’t been turned on yet. I was too tired to dig for the bigger, thicker blanket, so I curled up under my small one hoping that if I didn’t move much as I slept I could stay warm.