Dream #1,052

Dreamt of taking the designated car from my hotel to the convention site. When I arrived at the convention center, the driver was a little surprised that I didn’t want get out. “I forgot my book,” I told him.

“No, problem,” he said, “I just loop back and forth anyway.”

When I finally arrived at the convention, the room was abuzz about a man sitting in the back of the room. He had long scraggly hair, a long, scraggly beard, and a black t-shirt on. “What’s going on?” I ask.

“You have to see that guy’s t-shirt!”

Turns out my seat was next to his, so I introduce myself. As I offer my hand, he looks at it as if he’s not sure what I intend. “My name is Jeremy.”

“Hi,” he says, finally taking my hand, “My name is…Jack.” He is obviously concealing his real name, but as we shake hands I notice his shirt says “GURPS” and I know he’s one of the developers.

“Oh, GURPS!” I say, “That’s my favorite system by far!”

“Cool,” says Jack, “You should come play with us.”

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