Dream #1,051

Dreamt of watching two beautiful birds through they window. The male had long, thin feathers and was black and white speckled. He was bouncing around the nearly-horizontal trunk of the tree pretty excitedly. The female was bright yellow with red and blue accents, and was lying on her back, motionless.

A man climbed up into the tree, picked up the female bird, and turn her upright, at which time she immediately woke up and flew away. The man then approached the male, who seemed to be waiting patiently, and began talking and gesturing. The man was explaining that they shouldn’t sleep on their backs as they may never wake up. The man also asked that the bird educate the other birds so they’d be safe.

After the man left, I went out to the tree. The male bird was still there and I watched pluck a centipede off the trunk before flying away itself. Then the tree trunk began to move and I realized it wasn’t a tree at all, but an elephant that had stood still so long it had become covered in vines.

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