Dream #1,050

Dreamt I had to win a no-holds-barred blood sport tournament to win my freedom.

First fight, I put everything into my first punch, hoping to knock my opponent out quickly. I missed and, over-extended, he ducked my punch and came in for the take down. I got my arm around his neck in a guillotine choke and dropped stomach down onto the floor. Surprised, he didn’t have a hand free to catch himself and his nose broke when he landed on it. Blood everywhere. I managed to hang on and choked him out.

Last fight, the man was much bigger than me. Maybe a foot taller and 100-lbs. heavier. But he was overconfident. Over-extended himself in an effort to grab me. I ducked under his lunge, grabbed him around the waist, and managed to muscle him up off the ground and over my head. For a moment, I thought about killing him by bringing him down on his head. Instead, I rotated the throw just enough so that he landed flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him.


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