Dream #1,029

Dreamt of fishing the deep, crystal clear pond in my back yard. As I reeled in my first fish, another fish took a huge bite out of its tail. As I landed my catch, the other fish jumped out of the water after it, landing on the shore. When I got too close the second fish sprang from the ground on dragonfly wings and swooped at my head before landing again, pausing to catch its breath. The second time I approached, I was able to flip it back into the water with my toe.

“Well,” I said to Maggie H. and several other people sitting in lawn chairs, watching, “I guess there’ll be no swimming. I better post a sign.”


Dream #1,028

Dreamt I’d worked all night to dig tunnels connecting my two houses and several other locations. As I’d dug, I’d discovered all sorts of abandoned items in the earth: several antique bed frames being prominent. When I got up the next morning, I discovered that several other people had carried on my work, including Luke H. They’d worked to shore up the walls so the earth wouldn’t collapse, and used the bed frames to support the ceiling.

“Looks like several people have earned lifetime access to my tunnels!”

Dream #1,027

Dreamt of attending an all-class NDSU Architecture Department reunion and talking to Nate. He’d gone on to start his own firm and was doing very well for himself. I felt a little embarrassed that I hadn’t done much with my architectural training, but Nate was very nice about it. We talked a bit about the kind of music we were currently listening to and talked a little about Ministry. “I didn’t know they were still together!” Nate exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, “I’ve seen them live six times now. Their last couple of albums weren’t their best, but they are still really good.”

The conversation moved on to the piece of land I’d bought and how I wanted to cover it with trees.

Dream #1,026

Dreamt of a post-high school graduation party. I was discussing with several people, including Will K., Joel C., Linda M., and Kathy M., how disappointed I was with the turnout. “What do you expect?” asked a girl named Katy, Why would anyone say ‘yes’ to a group email invite? I almost didn’t come.”

“Funny criticism,” I said, “Coming from someone who didn’t send out invites at all…”

Dream #1,025

Dreamt that Yuko-hime accidentally left me behind in small town. I tried to call her, but my iPhone had just updated to a new, very quirky operating system. I couldn’t text and I could phone. But I knew that eventually she’d realize I wasn’t behind her and come back to find me. When she did, I got in the car to find out that she was pissed. She cocked her arm back and I said, “Don’t you dare punch me!” She did. “FINE!” I yelled and got of the car. As she drove off, I collapsed into the the grass yelling, “NO! NO!” NO!”

I woke up crying and yelling out “NO!”

Dream #1,024

Dreamt that one of my students was late. The bus was ready to leave and everyone else was on board. I went up to her room to see what was going on. “Come in!” she called when I knocked. I opened the door to find her wearing a tight sweater which left very little to the imagination. And nothing else. She was naked from the waist down. I blushed and averted my eyes. “Oh,” she said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this would bother her. I’ll fix it.” After the rustling of some clothing she said, “You can look now.” I looked up and she was totally naked.

Dream #1,023

Dreamt that deep space was much more crowded than scientists ever dreamed. Crowded with dark objects: starless planet, dense nebulae, and similar. As I drifted, the exterior lights of my starship lit up the interstellar background and it was astoundingly beautiful.