Dream #1,020

Dreamt our castle was under siege. Our first line of defense was a line of low, unstable stone slabs standing on end with man-sized gaps in between them. The gaps funneled the attackers so we could deal with them a few at a time and, if they decided to scale the slabs, the slabs would collapse, killing some attackers and leaving treacherous footing.


Dream #1,019

Dreamt that Yuko-hime was an assassin sent in to kill me. She got as far as my bedroom before I confronted her.

“If I kiss you, will you still try to kill me?”

She answered with a little smile, with both hands behind her back.

I kissed her. She reached around behind me and I waited for the knife. But all she did was hold me closer.

“If you tie me up, they’ll think I got captured before I could complete my mission,” she said.

I tied her up and a giant hand reached into the room and pulled her away. Chasing after, all I could think was that I’d find her dead.