Dream #1,018

Dreamt of going shopping in a large, popular department store with Yuko-hime. She was dressed in a sharp business suit while I was wearing nothing but a black dress shirt. I was a little self-conscious to be naked from the waist down while in public, but Yuko-hime didn’t seem to mind or even notice.


Dream #1,017

Dreamt of finding a young boy singing “Suite Madame Blue” by Styx softly to himself. As soon as I approached, he stopped, obviously embarrassed. I lay down next to him and began singing where he left off. Slowly, quietly, he started singing again.

Dream #1,016

Dreamt of attending a party when a musical jam session broke up. Everyone who could play any sort of musical instrument got up on stage to play, leaving only a small handful of us — including Rebekah K. — in the audience. I wanted to sing, but almost everyone could sing while they played their musical instruments, so I felt inadequate. Especially when the first man started singing and he was much better than me.

Dream #1,015

Dreamt of needing to ascend from a sunken ship 1,000 feet below the surface. We had small, pressurized diving bells just big enough for our heads that would protect us from the bends and help us hold our breath. The big concern was the sharks who became more and more interested the closer we got the surface. I was the last one in the water when a shelter shark took a big chunk out of my calf just before I was pulled to safety.

Dream #1,014

Dreamt of discussing the downsizing of the American Navy. The man thought that five ships — no matter how new and modern they were — would not be enough. I tried to explain that with their new hydrofoil technology, they could get anywhere in the world relatively quickly, that their new weapons had an incredible range, and that, anyway, they didn’t need to protect the world, just local, American interests, but he wasn’t buying it.

Dream #1,013

Dreamt that our property across the road contained a large hill that may actually have been an ancient earthen tomb. It had very high and steep sides and I had to be very careful on the climb up, testing every branch and stone for stability. At the top, all I wanted to do was sit quietly and let the snow melt against my bare skin, but the neighbor kept yelling up at me. Finally, I decided to climb back down, when I realized I was only six feet off the ground.

Dream #1,012

Dreamt that me and a handful of people, including Rachel N., were lost in the woods when we came upon a small, abandoned cabin. There wasn’t quite enough space inside for everyone to sleep, so we thought to hang hammocks in the high, open crawl space underneath. The weather was nice, but the sun was hot, so the shade, at least, would be welcome. But first, we had to check to see if any animals were living under there. I volunteered to check.