Dream #1,006

Dreamt that a demonic force had partially possessed myself and a large number of other people. We were spiritually connected to spikes in the ground in such a way that we could only think at full capacity when near the spike, severely limiting our movement. The entity gained access to the combined processing power of all our brains.

I pulled up my spike, severing the connection, and felt my mind collapse. But I suddenly felt free. The entity became very angry and I had to dodge its other victims as I raced around, pulling up their spikes.


Dream #1,005

Dreamt that Isaac H. was leading a session in our taekwondo class when some of the students started giving him a hard time. They didn’t understand the purpose of the technique he was teaching. I stepped in and explained that this was just an opening move. It could be followed up by a punch either to the right of the opponent’s head as a lead-in to a take down, or straight into their nose. “But the follow-up could be just about anything. Practice whatever Isaac shows you!”

Dream #1,004

Dreamt that Yuko-hime was goofing around with a garden sickle. She reached over my head and pointed the tip at my eye just as I sneezed. The blade pierced my eye and I cried out.

I woke myself up with my cries and Yuko-hime immediately held my from behind. “You’re okay. You’re okay.”

Dream #1,003

Dreamt of being in the forest with a large group of people when the rain finally let up and the clouds cleared, revealing a deep black sky with bright twinkling stars. I was the only one concerned that it was a night-time sky at noon.

Dream #1,002

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I were late for our first heat at a ballroom dance competition and the elevator was packed. She managed to get on but I needed to wait for the next car. Checking the clock, I noted that we were already 5-mins late and by the time I got to the ballroom we’d be 15-mins late. The event could be running behind and we’d still get to dance. Maybe. Then I realized that I was wearing my Latin costume and that its big, bright blue, puffy sleeves and the massive padded gloves would not work for Standard.

Dream #1,001

Dreamt I was a follower in a ballroom dance competition. Our first event was east coast swing and it was the very first event in the morning. We danced well despite dancing outside on the uneven ground and the wet grass. Randolph, my lead, wandered off to do something between heats and failed to return.

Rain began to fall. The judges were determined to carry on with the competition even with the worsening conditions. They contracted the dance space so they could see all the dancers better through the gloom.

Dream #1,000

Dreamt that reality had changed fundamentally through a process that no one understood. Monstrosities and the dead walked the earth. As I made my way through the dark and twisted vegetation, a large, organic sailing ship appeared in the sky. From dozens of ports its cannon fired balls of green hellfire that would strip the souls from the living. Hastily I visualized a shield on my left arm and held it up for protection. The fireballs screamed their frustration as they bounced off.

I ducked into the remnants of a warehouse for additional cover and found Becca K., who was leading a small band of survivors. We all needed to find someplace more safe.