Dream #988

Dreamt of arriving at a small community to find them preparing for an attack by formless, blob-like entities from beyond space and time. Michelle S. was organizing the defense with her new partner Jon. Apparently her former husband, Myron S., had been killed in a previous attack. The blob-things were getting bigger with each wave.


Dream #987

Dreamt that me and a handful of others — including Jel M. and Tim L. — escaped just before the Earth was destroyed by the Heetcho — a race of evil aliens — on the last out-bound sub-light starship. It was going to take us four years to make it to the nearest human colony world.

Dream #986

Dreamt that one of my taekwondo students as not paying attention. When I called him on it, he just shrugged and continued to ignore me. Then the adults in the class started to ignore me, too.

I woke up crying in frustration.

Dream #985

Dreamt of leaving a group of old women after spending some time listening to them sing stately gospel songs. As I was pulling away from the house where they met, I saw them all pull out trumpets and other musical instruments and I stopped in shock when they began playing wild, New Orleans-styled jazz. One lady saw me still in the driveway. “Don’t worry, hon, you can join us next time!”

Dream #984

Dreamt of sitting on my porch waiting for the kids to come trick-or-treating. My porch light was on and I was in costume. I was confused when child after child ran past the porch where I was sitting, ran around the house, and knocked on the back door where the light was off.

Dream #983

Dreamt of getting on an elevator and pushing the button for the ground floor. But the elevator wouldn’t go down. I tried several times before giving up. As I exited the car, another person entered and pushed the same button. “The elevator is broken,” I said, “It won’t go down.” The person shrugged their shoulders as the door closed and I watched as it descended without me.

Dream #982

Dreamt of going to a party alone. Being shy, I sat on the couch all by myself. A blonde woman sat next to me and started flirting. I was grateful for the conversation, but was uncomfortable with her dismissal of me being married.